The Healing School of Global Success Ministries is indeed a moving ministry through which God is manifesting His healing power in the lives of the sick people that have come from within and outside Nigeria through His servant Dr. Emmanuel Chima Okereke.

The healing school is divided into three sections: PRE-HEALING SECTION, HEALING SECTION and POST-HEALING SECTION.


In this section, people who come for the first time from within and outside Nigeria, attend to receive their healing. These students however, undergo one week teaching; where they receive teachings on faith and how to receive their healing. This Pre-Healing Section is a very important section which enables and prepare you to receive your healing.


The Healing Section, is the main section where the Servant of God; Dr. Chima Emmanuel Okereke, whom the Lord is using for his glorious work will minister to those who needs healing.

In this section, the mighty power of the Holy Spirit is highly at work through the Servant of the Lord to bring healing to the lives of those who must have attended the Pre-Healing Section. All you need here is to believe, have faith that God can heal you through his servant; Dr. Chima Emmanuel Okereke.


This section comes up after their healing has taken place. For you to maintain your healing, you must live a holy life, Maintain constant fellowship with God, Study the word of God and pray constantly.

This Post-Healing Section however,is meant to fully equip the healed ones on how to retain their healing. This section helps to build an edge, such that the evil spirit in charge of the illness afflicting them initially, will not be able to attack again. This section most importantly, builds them up spiritually and makes them committed to the things of God in rendering genuine service unto God.


All you need is to believe that Jesus Christ the Master Healer will heal you of any kind of illness.You need to have faith just like the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years (Mark 5:25-34), believed that if she could touch the helm of his garment she would be made whole. Have this strong believe that God will use his servant Dr. Chima Emmanuel Okereke to heal you of all illness or injury (Psalm 107: 20, Heb. 11: 6, John 9: 1-7).

Most importantly,you have to seek for the healer (JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH) not the miracle, because you cannot get your healing without Jesus Christ and after receiving your healing you need to continue with him to maintain your healing.


If you live outside Lagos or Nigeria and you want to visit Global Success Ministries for your healing, simply send us an email at or call the numbers below. Please note, you must wait to receive confirmation of your visit from us before making any travel arrangements/flight bookings. All communication with Global Success Ministries should be through the following email address: or the phone numbers below. When planning your visit (except you live in West Africa) you will need a visa to enter Nigeria. Visa applications are made through the Nigerian Embassy/High Commission in your country and it is normally a simple procedure.

We will send you an invitation letter which you will present to the embassy with your application form, passport, passport photo and the prescribed fee. Please contact us if you need more information. you can also watch us on SUCCESSTV and get your healing by faith.

For those from within Nigeria:

Global Success Ministries Headquarters is located at: Plot 34 Global Success Street off Festac link Bridge Amuo Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria.
If you would like to visit Global Success Ministries, please call or email us and wait for confirmation before coming.
Call us:
+234(0)803 359 9027
+234(0)703 863 8984
+234(0)810 159 7149