Dr. Chima Emmanuel Okereke is the President of Success Family Values Initiative (SFVI), promoters of the African Development Movement (ADM), and General Overseer of Global Success Ministries established in April 1998 in a very small room. “A tiny drop of water they say makes a mighty ocean”. Suffice it to say that the little gathering which started with a woman has today metamorphosed into a teeming population of approximately fifty thousand members across the globe and under the auspices of the Holy Spirit; the name has currently been changed to Global Success Ministries.

He was born on December 10th 1973 at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu and hails from Awa in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. He was born into a Catholic family comprising of seven children. He is the fourth issue and the first male of the family. Thus, he pursued his first degree course in UNILAG and proved himself again to be an an “Intelligentsia” with high IQ. He is just a personality you would love to know. To God be all Glory and honour.

His calling: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. He has proved himself to be a man of God with an intensive Prophetic inclination. He is an undiluted Prophet, Teacher and deliverance minister. The mystery surrounding his conception and birth till date remains awesome and proves him to be a “Chosen Vessel”. His mother looked for a male issue for a very long time. God visited her and she conceived. During her pregnancy, an unknown soldier walked up to her from nowhere and told her that she will bear a son and his name shall be called “Emmanuel”. Afterwards, the man mysteriously disappeared and till date, nobody could tell who he is and where he came from.

HIS VISION AND PROSPECT is a global one to see the fulfillment of the mandate of Christ our Lord and Saviour; “That this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the Nations of the World before the end will come” Mathew 24:14.


* University Merit Award from Philosophy Students of UNILAG (2003)

* “Fellow Chaplain” of Chaplain Fellowship of Nig. Inc. (2005)

* OLGATUA Merit Award (2005)

* Doctorate Degree in Business Administration: Pilgrims University, North Carolina

* Award of Excellence from “Vision Africa” Print Media (2006)

* Nigerian Religious Leadership Merit Award, USA (19th May 2007)

* Society Service Award: Nigerian Union of Journalist, Enugu (12th October 2007)

* Universal Legendary Achievers Merit wards (ULAMA) 2008: Top Lead Media Communications Company (Publishers of Nigerian Top leaders Magazine), Ikeja, Lagos (19th April, 2008)

* Chaplain General: GIPEC College of Chaplaincy Inc., Ikoyi, Lagos (9th June, 2008)

* Patriotic Achievers’ Award (12th Edition): Franolly Incorporated (9th July, 2008)

* The Preacher’s News Merit Award (5th July 2009)

* The Institute of Administrators and Researchers of Nigeria, University Conference Centre Lagos. Prestigious Fellowship Award (22nd October 2010

* Christ’s Ambassador: Christian Association of Nigeria Merit Award by Bishop Taiwo Ajose, chairman – Ikeja L.G.A. on the 18th of December, 2011.

* Ambassador for Human Rights: By Impact Africa Network, headed by Bishop Chidiebere Ogbu June 10th 2012

* Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Award 2012: By Mindset Media limited for creativity and objectivity.

* Award and Certificate as an Honorary Distinguished member of the Centre for Democratic Governance in Africa 2012. Signed by Dr. Dafe Akpocha (Director General) and Prof. Marc Koffi (Executive Secretary) * The Prestigious Award – Deliverance and Miracle Pastor of the Year 2012, presented by Testimony TV.

* B.Sc (Hons) Business Administration, University of Lagos, Nigeria.


Dr. Emmanuel Chima Okereke is an indefatigable worker with numerous charismas. He is an optimist to the core, a great philanthropist who is interested in putting smiles on the lips of the hopeless. Consequently, he established a welfare department through which he has helped many; widows, orphans, the poor, the wretched and the destitute in cash or in kind. He has also used his various spiritual gifts to give life to many; God has used him to heal several incurable diseases which include HIV/AIDS, liver and kidney diseases, making the dead to rise and the blind to see. He healed a little boy who was crippled for 9 years and separated the Siamese twins in their mother’s womb and reversed their transverse position in the womb to normalcy.

Today, the woman is a happy mother of those twin babies. A striking miracle; what the white doctors could not achieve with their sophisticated medical equipment, the man of God achieved in a twinkle of an eye through a spiritual operation by the power of the Holy Ghost. The story has been making the round in Media houses including print and electronic media.

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