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(excerpt from Dr. Emmanuel Okereke’s message on Thur. 6th July 2017)
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Scriptural Text: Matt. 11 vs 25 – 28.

A Babe means a Baby. Babies are known for being appreciative. They are thankful! And that is why God reveals secret things to Babies because He loves them so much. Jesus said in Mat. 11 vs 25:
“… I THANK thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them to BABES.”

When you are a Baby of ABBA FATHER you enjoy the following:
1. Divine Rest: (Mt. 11:28). Babies enjoy long hours of rest. It is the joy of parents to see their babies sleep. As a baby of God, you are not disturbed by the activities of the enemies or bothered by life’s challenges. You become God’s own project, and whatever God takes charge of is truly secured.

2. Divine Favour: Naturally, everyone loves to favour babies with cash gifts and many other things. Babies attract favour. These babies don’t necessarily need to ask for these gift but they are just Favoured. That is how it is when you are Abba Father’s Baby – you enjoy divine favour. As you desire a blessing, God commands it to come to you.

3. Fulfilment of Request: No man or woman ignores the cry of their baby. When a baby cries, he or she is attended to. There is no odd time to the request of a Baby Every time is an OK time. People are forced to fulfil their promises to you when you are a Baby in God’s hands.

4. Daily Provision: Everyone in the house can go hungry but not the baby. As a Baby in the Hands of Abba Father, you enjoy daily provisions. Nothing can be lacking in your life. You are daily loaded with benefits. (Psa. 68:19).
Your life can be very much easier if you understand this principle.
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